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9 days in Georgia. Georgian Jew | Private tours

Tour to Georgia 9 days. Georgian Jew will be the best way to get acquainted with Georgia. Trips from Tbilisi all over Georgia are impressive with amazing nature, historical temples and monasteries.

The tour includes sightseeing tours around Jewish places of Georgia: synagogues in Tbilisi and Batumi, synagogue in Oni, Jewish districts, Jewish Museum, an old Jewish cemetery. Tourists will be able to drive through these places in an organized tour, hear the story. You will take a journey through the centuries-old history of the Jewish people's life in Georgian lands.

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Excursion program of 9 days in Georgia. Georgian Jew 9 days / 8 nights

Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Akhaltsikhe – Vardzia – Kutaisi – Racha – Batumi

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Day 1 - Meeting in the airport

Arrival and Meeting in Tbilisi airport.
Transfer to the hotel. Check in.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 2 - Tbilisi guided private tour

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Starting “Georgian Jew Inheritance” tour from tour in Tbilisi, visiting important sights since Tbilisi is place where different religions interlace and you will see mosque near to church, catholic synod or synagogue. Today you will meet not only synagogue, but with mean orthodox temples of city and mosque.

  • Great synagogue or Jew synagogue from Akhaltsikhe – The main synagogue of Tbilisi built in 1895-1913 and takes origin from founders from Akhaltsikhe. In the beginning of 20th century AD king allow to built synagogue, now appears centre of Jew Community in city. Jew shops and institutions are surrounded around synagogue, together they present typical, traditional Jew quarter.
  • Ashkenazi synagogue – Traditional name is Russian synagogue due to the fact that when Georgia was the part of Russian Imperia, Jews from Russia lived here, mainly shoemakers, dyers, hairdressers. They founded synagogue.
  • Georgian Jew Museum – Museum will be visited if possible since Museum located inside synagogue. Jews are living, will live on Georgian site for ages, they make contribution in development. Georgian Jew History and Ethnographic museum named after David Baazov you may observe a lot of interesting
  • Narikala – Walled city changed the name and appearance several time still stay reliable support to residents. Narikala founded in IV century AD
    • Georgia Mother (Kartlis Deda). Statue symbolizing Georgian National temper, on the one hand chalice with wine for those who come with peace like a friend, on another hand sword for enemies.
  • Metekhi Temple – Temple was palace of Georgian kings, up build on cliff over Kura. Abo of Tiflis, heavenly patron and protector of Tbilisi, died martyrically exactly on cliff
  • Leselidze street and Baratashvili Bridge – Leselidze Street considers to be main street of Old Town and in past was called Armenian Bazaar, after was named after Konstantine Leselidze. Baratashvili considering to be the first bridge in Tbilisi. Spectaculars’ view on Tbilisi opens up from bridge.
  • Cathedral of Saint Trinity – Cathedral of Saint Trinity the main cathedral of Georgian Orthodox church located on St. Ilia mound
  • Dzhuma Mosque – Singular Muslim temple in Tbilisi from four existing preserved our days. Impossible overlook mosque being in old town centre due its East Style. Most remarkable things is that Shiite and Sunits are praying side by side
  • Saint Gevorg Church – Tbilisi Antique temple. During loved King Tamara reign many Armenians found shelter in Tpkhis. The first patron Saint Astvatsatsin church was built in 13th century AD using funds of Armenian prince Umek

Self-return to hotel after excursion. Night in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 3 - Trip to Mtskheta

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Mtskheta Tour. Mtskheta is antique Georgia capital and ecclesiastical point, “second Jerusalem”. Widely spread that first Christians in Georgia were Jews and enlightener Saint Nino stayed in Georgian Jews family when came to our land.

  • Svetitskhoveli Cathedral – Svetitskhoveli concealed treasures still excite humanity since according to legend Heaton was brought by Mtskheta Jews rabbi Elioz and his brother Longinoz
  • Jvari Monastery – Holy Cross Temple was built in 6th century AD. Nino Cappadocian put the cross here, marked Christianity adoption in Georgia. Holy Cross Temple was built over the cross. Temple is seen from far away and is adoration subject
  • Samtavro – Samtavro is legacy monastery where king Mirian and queen Nana, who were first to receive baptism from Nino in 337, are buried here. Basis of monastery was4th century AD small wooden church built by Mirian, though complex was built in 1820. In the fence of church rest monastic elder Gabriel one of the most revered Georgian saints. Crowds of pilgrims and saint admirers indefatigable drawn here

Back to hotel. Night in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 4 - Day trip to Vardzia and Rabat Fortress

Озеро Севан

Breakfast  in the hotel. Today we will leave Tbilisi and we are heading to the west. No less interesting will be our route to the east since East Part Is known with historical places too. We will visit two following stops:

  • Rabat Fortress – Fortress was often ruined and imbibes trace of different culture and religion. They say mosque in it is very look like Jerusalem mosque and also they would like to build complex alike Jerusalem. Here you will see orthodox Saint George church, arbour with fountain, Akhmedie mosque, snowy marble colonnade, Pasha’s rest room, madrasah (Muslims institution), citadel, Meskheti hall. Interesting fact is previously Jew quarters were next to fortress, synagogue and abandoned cemetery resembles regarding the fact. Old synagogue dated 18th century AD, they say it will be remodel by museum. Another functioning synagogue is nearby.
  • Vardzia Cave Town – Most wonderful Georgia sight is Vardzia Cave Town. 600 caves are in surroundings, once were equipped with necessary facilities and concealed people from permanent foray. Dozen churches, monks’ cells, libraries, bathhouses and also sewerage were constructed. Vardzia has eight floors. Queen Tamara loved to spent time and lived in invisible town

Journey to Kutaisi. Night in the hotel in Kutaisi.

Day 5 - Kutaisi day trip

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Kutaisi sightseeing trip tour with churches and synagogue visitation. When talking about Kutaisi willy-nilly recalling golden fleece legend and surround sights. Kutaisi suffered from raids and devastations like many other Georgian cities, nevertheless rich history and inheritance attracts many tourists.
Place to visit:

  • Bagrat Temple – Bagrati temple or simply Bagrat, local residents like to call Bagrat Temple this way temple. Temple has several names but still remains favorite vacation point to locals. Bagrat temple was constructed during Bagrat III rd rule as main Georgian Realm cathedral and consecrated in honor of Virgin Mary Dormition. Wonderful view on Kutaisi and surroundings opens from here, so you would be delighted with the tremendous landscape.
  • Synagogue and Jew Quarter – Rarity block located in heart of old town. Minor Synagogue, major synagogue and Mtsvane Kvavila located nearby each other. Synagogues reminds of Jews former population inKutaisi.
  • Sightseeing tour – Modern sights sightseeing tour
  • Market place – Off-time for shopping in local market

Self-return to the hotel after excursion. Night in Kutaisi Hotel.

Day 6 - Trip to Racha

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Trip to Racha. The third large Jewish community situated namely in Oni city. Racha-Lechkhumi Region is very interesting itself as it is heaven corner, little Switzerland in Georgia. Grapes for famous “Khvanchkara wine”, Stalin’s favorite wine, are raised in Racha.
Places to visit:

  • Oni synagogue – Fabulous synagogue building surround by massive mountains and lush nature. Synagogue remains valid although there is only some Jews families leaving in Oni. Oni synagogue built in 1895 is full copy of the one in Warsaw. Synagogue designed with fretwork and pattern, entrance decorated with spiritual symbols.
  • Shaori Lake – Tremendous artificial reservoir with subterranean karst caves and subsurface halls
  • Nikortsminda – Largest architecture monument in Racha built under Bagrat the IIIrd rule and remodeled in 16th century AD; gorgeous fretwork you can see on stones.

Back to the hotel. Night in Kutaisi.

Day 7 - Day trip in Batumi

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Trip to Batumi. Batumi Botanic Garden visitation

  • Batumi Botanical Garden or Eden Garden – as locals calls this place, one of the famous sights of town. There are 21 zones in botanic garden and each of it is very interesting, you will see peculiar plants from all over the world. You will spend whole day among nature and met lake with golden fishes; flower shy of your touch, fallen tree with seven new trees sprout. Different flower feasts, such as camellia and rose exhibition are carrying out during spring-summer.

Check in to selected hotel and free time till evening. Walking and sightseeing excursion combined with walking in nighttime Batumi.
Places to visit:

  • Batumi synagogue – Synagogue was built after issuing an appeal of Batumi Jews to Nikolay II. Sensing the reason of petition, state head himself assign:”Permission. Nikolay”. Synagogue was built in 1904, when throne heir to Emperor Tsarevich Aleksey was born. Stony synagogue projected in 1900-1904 and constructed according to Hague and Amsterdam synagogues by architect Semen Lvovich Volkovych (1879-1937).
  • Piazza – Batumi Modern symbol Piazza situated in old town center. Beauty Piazza is loved place of tourists and locals built in Venetian style, here you can order odorous coffee cup and travel back to Europe.
  • Saint Nicholas Church – Greek Church situated opposite to Piazza. More than 150 years parishioners pray to one of most revere saint of Georgia. Church was built during Turkish rule in Georgia using local parishioners’ funds.
  • Batumi sea port – Impossible when passing by not walk along Batumi embankment with modern sights. From one side you will be surrounds by palm tree and warm sun, from another side turquoise boundless sea.
  • Chacha Fountain – Chacha Fountain structure flaunted on seafront park area and resembles small mosque. Construction surrounds by 4 fountains according to the plan local moonshine chacha should flow.
  • Miracle Park – Ferris wheel situated is seafront park heart. Height is 55m and there is a wonderful view on Batumi from top. “Me, you and Batumi” sculpture personificates Batumi coffee drinking tradition. You can have some pictures with heroes and disrupt their privacy. In wonderland you may take a photo with famous Batumi lighthouse, Alphabetic tower built in DNA style, top is crowned by revolving restaurant.
  • Ali and Nino Statue – Another modern Batumi symbol is Ali and Nino Statue. They move to each other during 8-10 minutes and diverge for forever in kiss. Statue tells about tragic love of Georgian princess and Azerbaijan aristocrat. By coincidence, fate brought them together and bred them as given sculpture
  • Boulevard – Boulevard is ancient and main Batumi sight, through it architecture memorial situated. Boulevard and park founded in 1881 and still is the most beautiful place in town. Many café, restaurants, bars and hotels situated here. Main sights are also: Summer Theater, colonnade, Heroes Avenue, fountains, dolphin memorial, Wedding Palace etc.

Overnight in Batumi hotel.

Day 8 - Free day in Batumi

Breakfast in the hotel. Free days.
Overnight in Batumi hotel.

Day 9 - Transfer to the airport

Breakfast in the hotel.
Check out. Transfer to Batumi airport.
Happy flight and soft landing!
We will be glad to see you again in Georgia

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  • Transfer from/to the airport
  • All mentioned excursions in tour
  • Services Charges & Local Taxes.

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  • Flight
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