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Group Tours In Georgia


Group tours to Georgia is a trip with immersion into the country and destination. If you have no one to go on vacation with, you are definitely in the right place! Our bus trips bring people together, we travel with a fun company.

We carefully work out each excursion route. During the trip, you can see popular attractions and historical objects hidden from prying eyes, which our country is rich in. Practically in any group tour in Georgia, include visiting temple complexes. Numerous Georgian churches and monasteries reflect traditional Georgian architecture.

A change of scenery and a short trip will give you a boost of energy, bright and pleasant emotions. A variety of natural attractions, historical monuments and cultural traditions always delight our dear guests.

Want to go to an interesting tour at a discounted price? Choose one of the bus tours, fixed dates and join our team! Group tour from tour operator "Batumi Travel" - is an opportunity to save money on travel and meet people close to your interests.

Tour operator “Batumi Travel” organizes tours upon request. Such tours do not have a fixed date and cost. The advantage of the tour for ready-made groups is the ability to choose own excursion program, routes and dates.

We offer to buy a tour in advance. Early booking will save you up to 25% of the tour price. If you have any questions or concerns about the tours above, please contact our manager.

Group tour to Georgia

Group tour to Georgia

“Batumi Travel” offers 8-days group tour to Georgia with guaranteed arrival dates. On this page, you can check the schedule of group arrivals for tour in Georgia with departure from Tbilisi. We offer weekly arrivals for groups from 6 till 14 people. Combined group tours are a good opportunity to meet Georgia and new people on the tour. A change of scenery and a short trip will give you a boost of energy, bright and pleasant emotions.

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Want to book a group or bus tour in Georgia? Go to our website. Select the trip you are interested in and fill out a simple form, indicating your name, date of trip, number of participants and your contact information.


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