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Therapeutic recreation vacation. Hotel Sairme Resort - a magical resort in the midst of mountains and clean air. Resort "Sairme" is located in the mountainous zone of a subtropical belt. The resort administrationally belongs to the municipality of Baghdati and is located at 950 meters from sea level. It is the biggest resort in Europe and South Caucasus. Green cover consists of 60 hectares, and it is the only resort where four different eutherapeutic and one thermo springs are coming out and is possible to cure many diseases. After rehabilitation project of new Sairme Resort, in the complex is represented 3 hotels, with 342 rooms, where It is possible  to place almost 1000 person at the same time. The landscape of Sairme has been modernized too - has been conducted an important work for recreation and arrangement of objects..

According to the legend, water was found by the hunters run for pricket, the water was coming out to the rusted stone and everything around it was whitened with salt. In 3 km shepherds founded an unusual thing. Only at the one place grass always remained green. Snow did not put, ground after water was absolutely dry after a few minutes. The secret of this magical place was hot thermal waters founded by geologists in the depth of the ground. Springs were studied in 19th centuries and was defined as being unique with treatment abilities after chemical analysis.

What diseases is indicated for treatment in Sairme:

  1. Chronic kidney disease, saline diathesis, and prophylactic treatment.
  2. Chronic cholecystitis, not an acute form of hepatitis, as well as prophylactic treatment.
  3. Diabetes, salt diathesis, arthritis, osteochondrosis.
  4. Peptic ulcer, increased or decreased acidity, colitis.

Thermal SPA and Wellness presented at the resort is equipped with the latest German technology. The complex offers different kinds of healthful procedures to holidaymakers. In the Spa Centre is represented a closed pool, a salt room ideal for respiratory and lung cleansing, wet and dry sauna. Various rooms of treating and healthful procedures are also available, including “Slim Time” (procedures for losing weight). Should be marked that all procedures in the Spa Centre are made with thermal waters. There is also represented an opened swimming pool, comes out from the ground.

The Health Center is open 24/7 and prides itself for the state-of-the-art German diagnostic and laboratory equipment.

The clinic offers the following services:

  1. First consultation with therapists
  2. Laboratory research
  3. Instrumental Research.
  4. Consultation with cardiologist

For which diseases are mineral springs:

  • Spring buvette №1: chronic renal disorders, saline diathesis, as well as prophylactic purposes
  • Spring buvette №2: chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis non-exacerbated form, and treatment for prophylactic purposes
  • Spring buvette №3: diabetes, salt diathesis, arthritis, osteochondrosis
  • Spring buvette №4: ulcerative diseases, increased or decreased acidity, colitis

Therapeutic and health packages

7 days premium package:

- Therapist consultation 
- General blood analysis
- General urine analysis
- Ultrasonography
- Mineral Spring Treatment (#1,#2,#3,#4)
- Dubage - 7 procedurs
- Underwater massage - 7 procedurs
- Therapeutic mineral bath with extracts - 7 procedures
- The overall manual massage - 7 procedures
- Accommodation in a room of the selected category with 3 time meals a day.

7 days standard package:

- Therapist consultation
- General blood analysis
- General urine analysis
- Mineral Spring Treatment (#1,#2,#3,#4)
- Dubage - 4 procedurs
- Underwater massage - 4 procedurs
- Therapeutic mineral bath with extracts - 4 procedures
- The overall manual massage - 4 procedures
- Accommodation in a room of the selected category with 3 time meals a day.

We also provide three and five day therapeutic packages. For prices, please contact our consultant: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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