St. George pilgrimage trails in Georgia | Spiritual Places in Georgia

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St. George pilgrimage trails in Georgia | Spiritual Places in Georgia

St. George pilgrimage trails in Georgia - this 10 Days and 9 Nights itinerary is an extraordinary journey of discovering spirituality. Georgian monuments of spiritual history trace the past of religions in this country. These monuments display the affluent religious past of the country and present a fascinating example of prehistoric architectural brilliance.
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During our religious tour, we will visit the churches of St. George, which are located in different regions of Georgia. During the tour you will have the opportunity to learn more about the cities, resorts and history of the people of Georgia. 

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Tour Itinerary Description 10 days / 9 nights

Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Gareji – Bodbe – Ananuri – Gergeti – Borjomi – Kutaisi – Batumi

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Day 1 - Meeting in the airport

Arrival and Meeting in Tbilisi airport.
Transfer to the hotel. Check in.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 2 - Tbilisi and Mtskheta guided city tour

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel.

Tbilisi walking tour. We will begin a pilgrimage trip from Holy Trinity Cathedral. It is the third-tallest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in the world. There are nine chapels within the cathedral, dedicated to the Archangels and to St. John the Baptist, St. Nino, St. George, St. Nicholas, the Twelve Apostles, and to All the Saints. Five of the chapels are located below the main floor.

  • We’ll see the Metekhi Temple. As the legend goes from old times, at the bottom of Metekhi rock was the venue of martyrdom of the patron saint of Tbilisi, Abo Tbileli. In the sacristy of the church is the tomb of St. Shushanik. We will cross the Metekhi Bridge of 100,000 martyrs.
  • Than we will visit main fortress of Tbilisi – Narikala. From Narikala fortress, one may enjoy the most beautiful views of Old and New Tbilisi.
  • Sioni Cathedral - the residence of the Catholicos - the Patriarch of Georgian Christian is named in the honor of Jerusalem Zion. The cross of St. Nino is kept there. Sioni was repeatedly destroyed by enemies. But each time it rose from the ashes.
  • St. David's Church "Mamadaviti" - the most prominent writers, artists, scholars, and national heroes of Georgia are buried here. It is a quiet and nice spot to watch Tbilisi from the height.
  • The Freedom Monument – gold-covered, bronze statue of George slaying the dragon. The monument can be easily seen from almost anywhere in Tbilisi and is iconic to the country.

Further we will go to the holy city for all Georgians - Mtskheta.

  • Svetiskhoveli Cathedral is one of the most sacred places in Georgia and the place where Christ’s robe is said to be buried.
  • Next stop in pilgrimage tour is Samtavro Monastery. The monastery is considered the famous landmark of the town. First Christian King of Georgia Mirian and queen Nana were buried in Samtavro. In the monastery holy shrines are kept; the blackberry of St. Nina, where she prayed, part of the life-giving pillar, the icon of the Iberian Mother of God, which has a miraculous power, the icon of St. Nino, a stone from the grave of St. Nino from the monastery of Bodbe, the relics of Abibos Nekres and the relics of St. Shio Mgvime.
  • Our last stop is Jvari monastery. According to the legend, the cross of St. Nino, one of the most revered saints who converted Georgia to Christianity, is kept here. The temple of Jvari went through a long and difficult journey of one and a half thousand year’s length along with the Georgian people, experienced hardships and difficulties, becoming a symbol of faith for Georgia.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 3 - Trip to Sighnaghi and Bodbe

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Visiting one of the most revered in Georgia monastic complexes founded in the VI century, which proudly bears the name of Saint David Garedji. Then drive to Signakhi. A fairy-tale city, a city of love surrounded by the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains..

  • David Gareji  the complex unites 20 monasteries and the main one is the laurel of St. David, which is located on the northern slope of the mountain that separates Georgia and Azerbaijan.
  • Signakhi fortress is one of the largest fortresses in Georgia, surrounded by a fortress wall and 28 watchtowers, from which a wonderful view of the Alazani Valley opens. The fortress dominates over Signakhi and is associated with the Great Wall of China.
  • Bodbe Monastery — built in IX century and remodeled in the XVII, Bodbe Monastery is one of the most important pilgrimage places in Georgia, because country's patron saint, St. Nino, is buried there.
  • St. Nino spring – a small brick building, where the top is the temple of Zavulon and Sosana (the parents of St. Nina), and beneath it is a swimming pool, in which you can plunge.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi. 

Day 4 - Day trip to Ananuri and Gergeti

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. 

  • Ananuri - a castle complex perched along of the Aragvi River is best-protected monuments in Georgia. This castle is highly popular among the tourists.
  • Georgian Military Road - this Road is most scenic roads, steeped in trade, wars, and legends. This ancient passage across the Caucasus towards Vladikavkaz in Russia is a spectacular adventure. The highest point of the road is the Jvari Pass, also known as Krestovy Pereval or Cross Pass.
  • Russia–Georgia Friendship Monument – situated on the Georgian Military Road between the ski resort Gudauri and the Jvari pass. Monument is cool viewing platform overlooking Devil's Valley and the Caucasus Mountains.
  • Gergeti Trinity Church – most stunning church in Georgia. The ancient church, dating from the 14th century, stands at an elevation of 2170 meters. Apart from its religious purpose, the medieval church used to serve as a hiding place. During invasions at different times in Georgia's history the national treasure was hidden there, since it was hardly reachable for enemies.
  • Jinvali water reservoir - one of the most impressive and attractive nature sights of Georgia. On The road from Mtskheta to Ananuri you are sharing unbelievably fantastic panorama, color of Jinvali water reservoir heavenly. Do not miss opportunity to visit this unforgettable place.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 5 - Departure to Akhaltsikhe

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Today we are leaving Tbilisi and heading to the West. Here the most beautiful sights are waiting for us. And our adventure begins from Lake Paravani. Which is considered to be the largest lake in Georgia. The pearl of Georgia is surrounded by alpine meadows and white sheep-clouds that float across the sky carefree..

  • Phoka Monastery - is a very quiet place, suitable for those seeking the peace and serenity that only a monastery can offer. Nuns in the monastery make chocolates and cheeses, which are available to taste and purchase. Establishment of Phoka Monastery is credited to St. Nino of Cappadocia.
  • Vardzia Cave Monastery – Most wonderful Georgia sight is Vardzia Cave Town. 600 caves are in surroundings, once were equipped with necessary facilities and concealed people from permanent foray. Dozen churches, monks’ cells, libraries, bathhouses and also sewerage were constructed. Vardzia has eight floors. Queen Tamara loved to spent time and lived in invisible town.
  • Rabat Fortress – an ancient stone fortress is a cultural part of the city of Akhaltsikhe. The history of the fortress begins in the XII century, when Prince Djakeli founded here the first fortress. 

Overnight in the guesthouse in Akhaltsikhe.

Day 6 - Trip to Timotesubani and Katskhi

Breakfast in the hotel. Today we are heading towards Kutaisi. And on the way we will visit.

  • The Green Monastery is an ancient monastery, which keeps a sad history of the death of monks. On one of the walls one can see an image of St. George’s struggle with the whale.
  • Temple of Timotesubani – consecrated in honor of the Virgin, the temple is a place of pilgrimage. It still retains unique frescoes and paintings, which were considered very difficult for that period.
  • Katskhi Pillar -  40 meter high monolith stone column elevates on sky and earth boundary crowned by Katskhi Holy-Ascension church.  Old stronghold belief is truly unique. You will stay all alone by yourself and will forget any problems in this holy place.Monastery Complex Katskhi Sveti is an example of gorgeous fortress and living worldly vanity.

Overnight in the hotel in Kutaisi.

Day 7 - Day trip in Kutaisi

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Kutaisi sightseeing tour. 

  • Gelati Monastery founded by David IV the Builder in 1106 in the heyday of Georgian State. Temple is blessed in honored of the Nativity of the Mother God..
  • Bagrat Temple built in the reign of Bagrat III, as a main temple of united Georgian Kingdom and consecrated in honor of Assumption of Virgin in 1003. The temple was considered to be the main state temple for many years. Great Cathedral was decorated with gorgeous mosaic and vanity stool. David IV the Builder was crowned in the walls of the temple and ascends the throne in 1089.
  • Motsameta Monastery is the one of the bright attraction not only Kutaisi but the whole Georgia. Monastery built on mountain. There Georgian princes David and Konstantine Mkheidze refused to accept Islam and were execute by Muslims. Magnificent temple and monastery “Motsameta” was founded here in XI century, which means “martyrs” in honor of princes David and Konstantine who are ranked as saints of Georgia Church. 

Overnight in the hotel in Batumi.

Day 8 - Day trip in Batumi

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Batumi sightseeing walking tour and visiting religious shrines. 

  • Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Built as a Catholic church in 1903 with the funds of the Zubalashvili brothers in a memory of the deceased mother Elizabeth. 
  • Piazza and St. Nicholas Church - anyone visiting Batumi will sooner or later end up at the Piazza. The square is located in the heart of Batumi. Unlike several more pleasant parks in Batumi, chaotic traffic dominates the square. While you will be able to relax here, there are some sights around the square worth visiting. The one of the famous landmark dominating Piazza is St. Nicholas Church, which is still worth a visit.
  • The Church of St. Barbara – was also founded in 1888 under the military hospital. The construction was conducted with the funds of Emperor Alexander the IIIrd and was completed in 1906.

In addition to religious attractions, as part of our tour, we will visit: Boulevard, Miracle Park, Ferris wheel, Statue "Ali and Nino", 6-th May Park and much more.

Self return to the hotel. Overnight in the hotel in Batumi

Day 9 - Free day in Batumi

Breakfast in the hotel. Free day. 
Overnight in the hotel in Batumi. 

Day 10 - Transfer to the airport

Breakfast in the hotel.
Check out. Transfer to Batumi airport.
Happy flight and soft landing!
We will be glad to see you again in Georgia

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  • 4 wheel car in Kazbegi
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