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Following the way of Assyrian Holy Fathers

"Following the way of Assyrian Holy Fathers" ia a pilgrimage tour to each sacred site in Georgia which has its own religious significance. Many pilgrims frequently describe their pilgrimage to Georgia as a life-changing experience. They find it difficult to express the absolute bliss they feel during thisunique spiritual adventure.
Picture perfect valleys and mountains, ancient monasteries, rich culture and breath-taking scenic beauty make the Georgia trips for pilgrims simply amazing. From beautiful Tbilisi to romantic Batumi to many more interesting places, our pilgrim tour package offers you an outstanding deal.

If you wish to travel to Georgiabook our package and let us take care of all the important details. We are confident to follow the beefed-up security plan at the holy celebration so that you can avail the special opportunity of God’s grace through calls for conversion and repentance. Many Georgian children have been raised at the monasteries founded by the Thirteen Syrian Fathers. For centuries the Divine grace of the holy ascetics has spread among the Georgian people and throughout their land.

"Batumi Travel" conducts arranged tours to all holy places in Georgia. It is possible to add extra nights to package as you wish, please advise! If you want to visit the Orthodox shrines of Georgia, join one of our pilgrimage trips!

Tour Itinerary Description 8 days / 7 nights

Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Gori – Mukhrani – Khashuri – Gareji – Kakheti

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Day 1 - Meeting in the airport

Arrival and Meeting in Tbilisi airport.
Transfer to the hotel. Check in.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 2 - Tbilisi guided city tour

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Tbilisi walking tour. We will begin a pilgrimage trip from Holy Trinity Cathedral. It is the third-tallest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in the world. There are nine chapels within the cathedral, dedicated to the Archangels and to St. John the Baptist, St. Nino, St. George, St. Nicholas, the Twelve Apostles, and to All the Saints. Five of the chapels are located below the main floor.

  • We’ll see the Metekhi Temple. As the legend goes from old times, at the bottom of Metekhi rock was the venue of martyrdom of the patron saint of Tbilisi, Abo Tbileli. In the sacristy of the church is the tomb of St. Shushanik. We will cross the Metekhi Bridge of 100,000 martyrs.
  • Than we will visit main fortress of Tbilisi – Narikala. From Narikala fortress, one may enjoy the most beautiful views of Old and New Tbilisi.
  • Sioni Cathedral - the residence of the Catholicos - the Patriarch of Georgian Christian is named in the honor of Jerusalem Zion. The cross of St. Nino is kept there. Sioni was repeatedly destroyed by enemies. But each time it rose from the ashes.
  • St. David's Church "Mamadaviti" - the most prominent writers, artists, scholars, and national heroes of Georgia are buried here. It is a quiet and nice spot to watch Tbilisi from the height.
  • The Freedom Monument – gold-covered, bronze statue of George slaying the dragon. The monument can be easily seen from almost anywhere in Tbilisi and is iconic to the country.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 3 - Mtskheta tour

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Departure to Mtskheta. Mtskheta one of the highest point on this pilgrimage. for many pilgrims Mtskheta is the open-air museum. Here, every religious site is a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of tourists. Each shrine is dear to the Georgian people and lovers of history, religion and architecture.

  • Svetiskhoveli Cathedral is one of the most sacred places in Georgia and the place where Christ’s robe is said to be buried.
  • Next stop in pilgrimage tour is Samtavro Monastery. The monastery is considered the famous landmark of the town. First Christian King of Georgia Mirian and queen Nana were buried in Samtavro. In the monastery holy shrines are kept; the blackberry of St. Nina, where she prayed, part of the life-giving pillar, the icon of the Iberian Mother of God, which has a miraculous power, the icon of St. Nino, a stone from the grave of St. Nino from the monastery of Bodbe, the relics of Abibos Nekres and the relics of St. Shio Mgvime.
  • Our last stop is Jvari monastery. According to the legend, the cross of St. Nino, one of the most revered saints who converted Georgia to Christianity, is kept here. The temple of Jvari went through a long and difficult journey of one and a half thousand year’s length along with the Georgian people, experienced hardships and difficulties, becoming a symbol of faith for Georgia.
  • Shio Mgvime - from the youth Saint Shio of Mgvime was a disciple of Saint John of Zedazeni, and he followed him to Georgia. Saint Shio founded a monastery in Sarkineti, gathered nearly two thousand monks to labor there with him, and instructed them in a strict ascetic life. To this day many miracles have taken place over his grave.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 4 - Trip to Zedazeni, Tsilkani and Kanda monasteries

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Zedazeni Monastery - The monastery was founded by Saint John, one of the Holy Assyrian Fathers of Georgia whose mission was to strengthen Christianity in the region. The Zedazeni complex is located 6 km south of the village of Saguramo, on the top of a mountain covered in deep forests. The complex includes the Church of St. John the Baptist, a fortress, and monastic cave cells.
  • Kanda St. 13 Assyrian monks monastery - located near Mtskheta and mainly inhabited by the Assyrian population, Thirteen Assyrian Fathers Monastery is the major pilgrim attraction. The Monastery, where the Holy Liturgy is conducted in Georgian and Aramaic languages, is annually visited by thousands of people in order to attend the Holy Liturgy in Aramaic language.
  • Tsilkani cathedral of the Mother of God - architectural complex, which currently represents an episcopal cathedral, is located in Tsilkani village in the region of Mtskheta. It comprises edifices of various type and a wall uniting three construction periods: a hall-church belonging to the 4th century, basilica dating back to the 5-6th century, cupola-shaped church of 11-12th centuries, and the wall dated of the18th century

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 5 - Trip to Samtavisi and Ulumbo monasteries

Breakfast in the hotel. Today we go to one of the most unexplored regions of Georgia, Shida Kartli, and will visit such attractions as:

  • Samtavisi Cathedral - built in 1030 by architect Hillarion Samtavneli, is remarkable due to the beauty of proportions and refinement of carving on the facades. In the middle of the 6th century Assyrian Fathers, the monks spreading Christianity in Georgia, began to erect monasteries; the most well-known of them are Nerkresi, Ikalto and David Garedji. The monk Isidor Samtavisskiy who was a member of the group of Assyrian Fathers, also founded the eparchy and the monastery that still has his name of Samtavisi.
  • Temple of the First Martyr Stephen - after Saint John’s repose, Saint Thaddeus continued to preach throughout Kartli and erected many new churches. Among them, the Church of the Protomartyr Stephen in Urbnisi is a glorious example. Near the end of his life Saint Thaddeus withdrew to a cave at Tsleva Mountain not far from the city of Kaspi. He reposed peacefully and is buried in that place.
  • Church of St. George the Victorious - Saint Pyrrhus of Breti, called the “Divine Image of Repentance,” founded a monastery in Breti, on the bank of the Jvaristsqali River. His holy relics are buried in the church at that monastery.
  • Ulumbo Monastery - Saint Michael of Ulumbo preached the Christian Faith in northern Kartli and Ossetia. He founded a monastery in the Ulumbo area, where his wonder-working relics were later buried.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 6 - Trip to Kakheti's monasteries

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Departure from the hotel and trip to Kakheti.

  • Martkopi Monastery - it is believed that the monastery was founded in the 6th century by the Holy Father Anthony. Initially, Father Anthony traveled throughout Georgia and lived the life of a hermit. Over time, he had novices, and he settled in the Arian mountains.
    After some time a church was built. The image of the Savior was kept in this church.
  • David Gareji and the Gareji Wilderness became a refuge for the many Christians who hungered to lead a true ascetic life. Having served the Lord his whole life, through much suffering and many tribulations, the God-pleasing Saint David reposed peacefully and was buried at David-Gareji Monastery.
  • Khirsa Monastery - Saint Stephen of Khirsa and his companions preached throughout the region of Kakheti in eastern Georgia. Later Saint Stephen founded Khirsa Monastery near Kharnabuji Castle. He is buried in the sanctuary of the Church of the Protomartyr Stephen at Khirsa

Overnight in the guesthouse in Kakheti.

Day 7 - Trip to Nekresi, Ikalto and Alaverdi monasteries

Озеро Севан

Breakfast in the hotel. Today we continue our tour of Kakheti and set off towards the most interesting monasteries hidden in the middle of wild, untouched nature.

  • Nekresi Monastery - Father Abibos founded a monastery, which had great influence over the entire region for a long time. The political and cultural influence of Nekresi spread over the mountainous regions of the Eastern Caucasus. Due to this fact, Nekresi Monastery often became the target of enemy attacks. Father Abibos became bishop of Kakheti and the monastery of Nekresi became his residence.
  • Ikalto Monastery - Saint Zenon of Iqalto preached the Christian Faith in northern Kakheti and founded Iqalto Monastery. He reposed peacefully, after accomplishing many good works on behalf of the true Faith. Saint Zenon is buried at Iqalto in the Church of the Icon of the Savior “Not-Made-By-Hands.”
  • Alaverdi Monastery - With the blessing of his teacher, Saint Joseph preached the Gospel of Christ throughout the region of Kartli in eastern Georgia and later settled in the Alaverdi wilderness. Once Saint Joseph encountered a pagan nobleman and preached to him the Word of God. Deeply inspired by Fr. Joseph’s grace-filled preaching, the nobleman founded a monastery in Alaverdi. To this day many miracles have taken place over his grave at Alaverdi Monastery.

Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 8 - Transfer to the airport

Breakfast in the hotel.
Check out. Transfer to Tbilisi airport.
Happy flight and soft landing!
We will be glad to see you again in Georgia

Price on a pilgrim tour "Following the way of Assyrian Holy Fathers" 8 days / 7 nights. (prices listed above are per person)

All 13 Assyrian fathers in different regions founded monasteries and laurels, which have survived to this day. Our path lies through these cloisters. Our goal is to introduce you to the great Assyrian ascetics. To bow down the heritage of the Holy Fathers and the shrines that have come down to us from these pillars of the Church.

On May 7 (20) the Georgian Orthodox Church marks the commemoration day of Thirteen Assyrian Fathers.

  1. Ioane Zedazneli (იოანე ზედაზნელი) / John of Zedazeni

  2. Davit Garejeli (დავით გარეჯელი) / David of Gareji

  3. Abibos Nekreseli (აბიბოს ნეკრესელი) / Abibos of Nekresi

  4. Shio Mgvimeli (შიო მღვიმელი) / Shio of Mgvime

  5. Ioseb Alaverdeli (იოსებ ალავერდელი) / Joseph of Alaverdi

  6. Anton Martqopeli (ანტონ მარტყოფელი) / Anton of Martqopi

  7. Tadeoz Stepantsmindeli (თადეოზ სტეფანწმინდელი) / Thaddeus of Stepantsminda

  8. Piros Breteli (პიროს ბრეთელი) / Pyrrhus of Breti

  9. Ise Tsilkneli (ისე წილკნელი) / Jesse of Tsilkani

  10. Stepane Khirseli (სტეფანე ხირსელი) / Stephen of Khirsa

  11. Isidore Samtavneli (ისიდორე სამთავნელი) / Isidor of Samtavisi

  12. Mikael Ulumboeli (მიქაელ ულუმბოელი) / Michael of Ulumbo

  13. Zenon Iqaltoeli (ზენონ იყალთოელი) / Zeno of Iqalto

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  • 4 wheel car in mount churches
  • Services Charges & Local Taxes.

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