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2 Days Tour to Vardzia and Rabati from Tbilisi begins from Lake Paravani. Which is considered to be the largest lake in Georgia. The pearl of Georgia is surrounded by alpine meadows and white sheep-clouds that float across the sky carefree. Experience nature's grandeur and learn about its connection with history, architecture, and spirituality on this two-days tour to Vardzia and Rabati from Tbilisi.

Vardzia and Rabati are located quite far from most other major sights in Georgia, close to a famous resort called Borjomi. This is understandable, as when the monasteries were first built, the monks wanted to be as far as possible from other people. The individual tour offers plenty of opportunities to take snapshots of one of the most photographed monuments in Georgia, and the tour guides will explain the history of the monasteries and fortress and what life is like as a monk.

We offer the tours without the entrance fees, caring for clients that are allowed to enter to sites & museums f.o.c. or by paying discounted entrances.

This is a wonderful part of Georgia, which you simply must see!

Excursion program of a "2 Days Tour to Vardzia and Rabati":

  • Borjomi resort – is famous for its mineral water industry, the Romanov summer palace in Likani, and the World Wide Fund for Nature-site Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. Borjomi mineral water is particularly well known in those countries which were part of the former Soviet Union
  • Fortress Rabat – an ancient stone fortress is a cultural part of the city of Akhaltsikhe. The history of the fortress begins in the XII century, when Prince Djakeli founded here the first fortress.
  • The fortress of Khertvisi is a majestic castle, which is mentioned during the Great Silk Road.  Only Alexander of Macedon managed to conquer the impregnable handsome fortress. According to legend, it was in this fortress that King David IV the Builder consecrated future King of Jerusalem – Boduin II de Burg. He was the founder of the most powerful order of the Knights Templar.

Overnight in the guesthouse in Akhaltsikhe.

  • Vardzia – Most wonderful Georgia sight is Vardzia Cave Town. 600 caves are in surroundings, once were equipped with necessary facilities and concealed people from permanent foray. Dozen churches, monks’ cells, libraries, bathhouses and also sewerage were constructed. Vardzia has eight floors. Queen Tamara loved to spent time and lived in invisible town.
  • Lake Paravani – will open the veil of the mystery of the Bronze Age. After all, it was at the bottom of this lake that a burial mound of the Bronze Age was discovered. Many household utensils dated to the 4th century BC.
  • Phoka Monastery - is a very quiet place, suitable for those seeking the peace and serenity that only a monastery can offer. Nuns in the monastery make chocolates and cheeses, which are available to taste and purchase. Establishment of Phoka Monastery is credited to St. Nino of Cappadocia
  • Kojori Gorge - throughout the centuries, Kojori has served as a summer residence for Kings and aristocrats, due to its special climate and gorgeous views. 

The company reserves the right to change trip schedule and sequence without reducing the tour completeness.


  • Transport service
  • Qualified English-speaking guide service
  • Accommodation in the guesthouse HB
  • Entrance tickets
  • Bottle of water
  • City tax


  • Meals


  • The length of the program 2 days
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Scarf for a churches

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