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Trip to Mountainous Adjara and Borjgalo Museum is well worth a visit when you are in Batumi. The Borjgalo museum is based in a small village called Khelvachauri and has one of the largest collections of ethnographic works. The museum itself is an amazing site. The museum occupies 3000 square meters and visually tells about the life of the inhabitants of the Adjara region. The collection, collected for many years, can now be seen in the open-air museum. Wax figures dressed in national clothes in ordinary wooden houses, show the life and traditions of the Georgian craft.

Here you can see woodworkers, carpenters, winemakers, weavers, masons, milkmaids, houses in which live the villagers, as well as a huge number of various exhibits. The owner of the museum himself will tell you the life of families from different social spheres.

For numismatists in the museum there is a personal collection: paper notes and coins of different countries and epochs, billions of denominations of Transcaucasia, coins of the times of Catherine and Peter, three-ruble of 1903, currency of royal Russia of 1898. The pride of the collection is a hand-made carpet using the golden thread of 1812.
You will dip your head into the past century and learn many interesting details from the life of the local population from the very creator of the unique collection of Kemal Turmanidze.

Excursion program of a Trip to Mountainous Adjara and Borjgalo Museum:

  • After the museum, we will continue our journey and make a short stop at the confluence of the Chorokhi and Adjaristskali rivers. Here you can see how the muddy waters of Chorokhi mix with the clear water of Adzharistskali.
  • Next stop is Makhuntseti waterfall, which is the highest in the region and is a major tourist attraction in mountainous Adjara. Under the scorching summer sun, taking a trip to the waterfall would be quite invigorating experience.
  • Nearby the waterfall there is an arched bridge. Some of bridges like this one have survived the centuries - repeatedly repaired and restored. The historical arched bridge over the river Adjaristskali was built in the 12th century by the Queen Tamar, as the legend says. 

There are many beautiful places in Adjara, but a Trip to Mountainous Adjara and Borjgalo Museum attracts a huge number of tourists.

The company reserves the right to change trip schedule and sequence without reducing the tour completeness.


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