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Rafting in Georgia is always an unforgettable adventure. If you are a fan of outdoor sports and you want to experience a day filled with adrenaline, this rafting tour is perfect for you. Georgia has plenty of mountains and rivers perfect for river rafting. The country abounds in mountains, which give rise to rivers with swift currents and perilous rapids to titillate the experienced rafters. There are also placid rivers for those new to the sport.

The top some choices are the beautiful and exciting rivers:

  • Rioni River in Imereti - is the country's most popular rafting area. The river runs through a valley between the villages of Racha and city Kutaisi, making it a haven for wildlife and a perfect site for nature lovers.
  • Aragvi River – offers rafting possibilities for both beginners and seasoned rafters. The Aragvi and surrounds is an undiscovered treasure trove full of surprises for history, cultural anthropology and nature lovers alike.
  • Mtkvari River near Borjomi– is the most important river in all Georgia. The wide riverbed of Mtkvari is suitable for all types of river sports, such as rafting and canoeing. River Mtkvari is a nature lover's dream come true. Hidden amidst the high Borjomi Mountains, the river meanders through sheer rock cliffs. The mountainous terrain is awe-inspiring but the course is surprisingly tranquil.
  • Adjaristskali River is located in Adjara. Interesting for the arched bridges and waterfalls. The route can be completed in 1 hour and is used by amateur and professional rafting lovers. The river is safe and easy. Ideal for those who do not like the mad rush through the bounties of natures.

The rafting trips take one day and there is the provision for overnight camping trips for those who would like to spend a night under the stars. You do not need any prior experience to join our tour. Each boat has experienced at least one river guide.


You will be picked-up from your hotel or apartments and enjoy a comfortable transfer to the rafting center. Here you wil meet your rafting guide and after listening to you guide’s instructions, you can finally board a raft. Feel the adrenaline as you paddle down the Rivers and enjoy the outstanding beauty of nature and National Parks of Georgia. During the rafting tour, you can also go for a swim and you will be served a delicious light snack to keep you energy level. At the end of the tour, you will be taken back to your hotel.


 Adjaristskali Pshavis Aragvi:  Rioni in Ambrolauri  Rioni in Racha Rioni in Kutaisi Tskhenistskali (Svaneti)
 Lenth  5 km  15 km  26 km 15 km 5 km  20 km

40 min 

1,5 h 2 h  1,5 h 25 min  2
Complexity  II  II-III  II-III II II IV-V

Rafting on Mtkvari offers 4 routes:

  • Mirashkhani - Tmogvi Castle - 8 km. Complexity II-IV
  • Vardzia - Village Pia - 6 km. Complexity IV-V
  • Khertvisi – Aspindza - 10 km. Complexity I – II
  • Borjomi - Chitakhevi - 15 km. Complexity II-IV 

The tour includes:

  • Transportation;
  • Rafting instruction and instructor;
  • Rafting equipment (Boat, paddle, helmet, lifejacket);
  • Snacks

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